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Whether you are looking to install a new digital TV or antenna, Brisbane TV Antenna Professionals is all set to give you a professional hand. You don’t need to try fixing it yourself because you might end up worsening the issue. It’s better to contact one of our qualified technicians so that they can handle it for you professionally.

We’re here to put an end to all your worries. We’re experts in installing digital TV antennas, TV wall mounts, home theatre setups and dish antenna installation. Our trained technicians will diagnose the problem and provide you with the best resolution so you can get back to enjoying your favorite TV shows.

Brisbane TV Antenna Professionals has developed considerable expertise in both residential and commercial antenna installations, with a number of major works in relation to TV installations.

Over the years Brisbane TV Antenna Professionals has diversified into related services including Satellite TV, high end AV installations and audio systems for shopping centres and retail & commercial businesses. Managing a large workforce requires strict management through robust processes, policies and on-going training program. Brisbane TV Antenna Professionals client base continued to grow as we began working with residential builders completing wiring, lead in conduits & compliance work for Telecommunications services.

With in-depth knowledge of the infrastructure requirements for development sites and the rapid expansion of building within Brisbane, our team has grown to the needs of our clients who sought an end-to-end solution for their telecommunications needs now completing thousands of applications for Builders and Developers every year.

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