All You Need To Know About TV Antenna Installations

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All You Need To Know About TV Antenna Installations

Whenever an owner experiences faulty TV connection, in most cases, an electrician is called to fix the issues. Well undoubtedly, electricians are pretty aware of the wiring part and they are knowledgeable with all sorts wiring connections and cables. Sometimes, they can also provide antennas from the local wholesalers.

So, the point is, they may be able to fix the issues temporarily but fail to curb the problems permanently. There always remains an instance from the problem arises in the future. This is the place from where they get business. This means, the electricians are efficient enough in opening up a gateway from where they can create the opportunity of business from you. Now, let’s find out how these Digital Tv Antennas professionals are not the right choice for fixing your TV antenna installation and maintenance problems.

Electricians are not trained to handle antenna systems.

Electricians are known to be one of the smartest tradespersons in the industry. The service they provide is a combination theoretical knowledge (which is very important) along with hands-on experience. Therefore, they are not only intellectual but also skilled in their profession.

Now, when it comes to TV antenna systems, these are not included in their training peripheral. Handling these systems require special qualifications and certifications. Some electricians don’t even know how the systems work and just try to cover up the blank space of knowledge with whatever experience they’ve got. Some may have a fair idea on the cable conduit or tray that is used for the TV signals.

In case of an experienced TV antenna installer, understanding the concept of BER and MER is their bread and butter. They are able to measure the signal levels every day in your locality. Even on large new construction sites, the MATV or PayTV portion of the Electrical Contractor’s scope of works is almost always subcontracted out to a TV antenna specialist. In fact, the engineers in charge of writing the Electrical Specification often make it mandatory that the Electrical Contractor subcontract out this part of the scope to an MATV specialist with at least 10+ years of experience.

Electricians are unable to use spectrum analysers

Spectrum analysers (or test meters) are a digital TV antenna installers’ most important piece of equipment to measure digital TV signals. They measure those same attributes of TV signal that is mentioned above (signal power, MER, pre-BER, post-BER) and do a range of other things as well (show the RF spectrum and can detect 4G signal interference to mention just two).

An experienced TV antenna installer will tell you that it is impossible to conduct a fault find on an existing TV antenna system without using a spectrum analyser to locate the fault. Without such a TV test meter, there is no accurate way of determining the exact fault and the electrician technician will most likely recommend replacing everything in the system. You may end up with a new antenna, new amplifier and new cabling, when all that was required was a wall plate replaced behind the TV.

Not licensed or qualified

Whilst antenna work is not a recognised trade (and there is no license to complete just antenna work), there are a number of qualifications that all TV antenna technicians should obtain prior to working on your TV antenna system. At a minimum, they should have the following:

  1. Open cabling license (with coaxial endorsement)
  2. Working safely at heights certificate
  3. Asbestos awareness certificate
  4. At least 5-10 years of experience in installing TV antennas or a certificate iii in digital reception technology

Before you engage with any technician to complete your TV antenna work, be sure to check that they have each of these qualifications so you know that they won’t be simply ‘guessing’ when it comes time to fix your TV system.

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