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Got a new TV but nowhere to plug in? We’ve got you covered. There’s always a way to get it going.​

Watch TV from the comfort of your bed and catch your favourite shows (even when your kids want to watch something else) in any room of your house. With multiple TV points, you can watch TV when you want, wherever you want. Brisbane Antenna makes new TV points installation easy. Whether you need a new TV point in the bedroom, family room, or even the bathroom! And no matter what your roof type or signal strength is like, we can make it work. With over years of experience, the best quality products, and unmatched workmanship, we’re the antenna point installation pros you can rely on.

Why to choose us?

You may ask, how does an off-air antenna for getting free HDTV work? Once you decide to have an off-air antenna installed, you will find one being mounted either in your attic or your roof by our trained personnel. This antenna will then be attached to a receiver that is actually a decoder via a cable after the antenna is tweaked to help you get optimal results. Your receiver will enable you to see these free local HDTV channels alongside your cable and satellite channels. We can install different types of phone points for your ease of pleasure.

If you are wondering why these need to be installed on your roof or in your attic, it is because of the fact that the higher the antenna is, the better the signal and reception. You don’t really need to install these off-air antennas on your roof however, it is the best place for it if you don’t want to lose around 30% of the signal that you are supposed to get from these local HDTV channels. For further information on off-air antenna installations, feel free to contact us, and we will gladly help you determine if an off-air antenna is ideal for you.

If you are looking for internet point installers, we can also take care of the same. When we’re installing new Internet points, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of surfing the Internet from wherever and whenever wanted. Our expert engineers are knowledgeable and experienced, and carry out all installations of new sockets to the highest of standards. If you choose us, we’ll visit you for a free consultation, so you can talk us through your requirements, and we can determine the optimal place for your new socket(s) to be installed.

We service Brisbane and all suburbs – we can install New TV points, as many as you want, anywhere you want. Brisbane Antenna is your TV outlet installation experts. When it comes to managing your TV antenna system and dealing with splitting the coaxial cables is always better to leave it to professionals. All the time we are called in to fix DIY TV point installs attempts where the person did not have the correct testing equipment or know-how to do the job properly. When you install extra TV points you want to know that your existing TV points are going to work just as good as before the job was started, if not better. Don’t risk it and call the experts.

Once we’ve carried out the work, we’ll do a full check to ensure that your TV is working correctly, and will ensure we leave your home as tidy as it was when we arrived!

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